Learn 5 essentials for keeping your WordPress website safe →

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Our onboarding website audit is an essential part of our process. We use it to get intimately acquainted with your WordPress website. This makes sure the proper foundations are in place so that your site is secure and ready to make the most of the benefits our Care Plans offer.

Our onboarding takes 14 days and we use the time to :

Update your WordPress website software so your site is secure and using the latest technology
Benchmark site performance so we can measure what we do to make sure we are doing the right things
Look for quick wins to improve your website so it gets you the results you want for your business

Once the audit is complete, we’ll send you an in depth report to show you what we’ve found, and if you’ve signed up for a Grow or Flourish plan, you’ll be able to book your first strategy session to plan what we’ll be working on for the next 90 days.

Book an audit

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Your website audit is $197. Your monthly plan charges will be charged to your account in 14 days when your onboarding is complete.
Your onboarding will start as soon as we receive payment for your invoice.

Total due today: $197

Learn 5 essentials for keeping your WordPress website safe →