Quick wins for your clients

Quick wins for your clients

I’ve been talking with a few clients lately who’ve been lamenting how long it can take to get from idea to a finished website project, and how it feels like a huge investment up front before they can expect any tangible results for their business. And I guess when it comes down to it, most clients don’t actually want a website, right?! What they are really after is a solution to their particular business problem – how to get more sales, how to get more leads, how to give more value to clients …

One way I have found to get some quick runs on the board for my clients, is to create a quick, branded holding page on their domain and link it to Google Analytics. This way clients can start promoting their new business or product, gauging interest, and gathering leads right from the start of the project.

Page builders like Divi or Beaver Builder are a great tool for making this happen – they are a great modular solution that can be set up quickly and at minimal cost for you client – but can bring in fast, measurable results.

Creating a Google My Business account is another easy way to help your client get some tangible results for their business right from the beginning of your project. Its easy to do, costs nothing, and makes your client’s business more visible in search results.

If you’d like to find out more about implementing these ideas in your next project, please get in touch.