Launching a WordPress website: What your client needs to know

Launching a WordPress website: What your client needs to know

The launch of your client’s website is not the end of the website project – its the start of a new marketing strategy for your client. And while its definitely time to celebrate, there are a few things you need to make sure your client knows, so they can make the most of their new marketing resource, once the site is launched:


Make sure your client has access everything they need to be able to administer their website.

  • Website dashboard
  • Domain registrar account
  • Hosting dashboard
  • Google Account
  • Analytics Account
  • Email Marketing Account
  • Support logins for plugins & themes used for the site

How to use WordPress

Make sure your client can find all the information they need to be able to manage their website and content

  • Link to these basic WordPress tutorials
  • Add WordPress tutorials to their website dashboard
    These can be customised with your branding and are automatically updated every time WordPress is updated. Find out more at:
  • Give them a copy of the Easy WordPress Guide
    Your clients can access this online, or you can provide them with a branded digital or print version.
  • Links to documentation and FAQs for any themes and plugins used for their site

Image Sizes

Clients uploading huge image files, or images that are the wrong size can cause all kinds of problems with their website – from making the design look less than fabulous to slowing down their website load times.

  • Give your client a list of all the standard image sizes for their website
    Include: Header image, background images, blog post images, featured images, gallery images, sidebar images, product images …
  • To help your client optimise their images for the web, point them in the direction of This great app will reduce their image file sizes without drastically altering the image quality.


Provide your client with links to useful reports in their Analytics account. At the very least they need to be able to see how many visitors their site is getting, where their visitors are coming from & what content they are viewing

Website Maintenance

Make sure your client has a process in place for monitoring their website and keeping their website software updated. If they need help with this a website care plan may be a good fit for them.

Website Security

The most effective website security is keeping the site software up to date and ensuring that your client is using strong passwords (LastPass is a great way to manage passwords if your client is worried that they won’t remember a good secure password)

Its also a good idea to make sure your client has a User Login set up for each person that will have access to the account so that they can easily monitor site access.


Share The Beginner’s Guide to SEO with your client to help them get to grips with managing their content so it is Search Engine friendly.

Content/Marketing Strategy

Your client will need a plan to achieve their website goals. Many clients I work with don’t know what to do after their website launches to make sure it works to bring in new leads or sales. Providing your clients with a brief guide or set of resources to get them started marketing their site in the weeks following their site launch provides a huge amount of value.