What is a website evaluation?

What is a website evaluation?

Sites come to us in all shapes, sizes and states of repair, so our Care Plan onboarding process starts with an in-depth website evaluation so that we can get to know your site and help you come up with a plan to improve its performance as a marketing tool for your business.

The aim of our website evaluation is to make sure that the proper foundations are in place so that you have a benchmark from which to measure improvements to your site, and so that we can make sure your site is able to make the most of the benefits that our Care Plans have to offer.

What we do

The website evaluation is a very thorough audit of your website that results in a 40+ page document of our findings and recommendations. This is what our process looks like:

1. Benchmark your site

The very first thing we do is check your site performance. We look at your sites search engine rankings and current search engine optimisation, your site speed, what your analytics data has to say about your visitors and your site performance.

2. Review your site software

We take a look under the hood to see how your site is put together. We take a look at the plugins and theme your site is using & check to see that your site is secure and free of malware.

3. Prepare your website evaluation report

This covers everything from your design and copy, to your SEO and marketing. Our report is set up to measure all the things that your website needs to tick off in order to be an effective revenue generating tool for your business. It includes prioritised recommendations that are easy to read and make sense of, so that you can make informed decisions about where to allocate your time and resources to grow your business.

4. Send your website evaluation report

Once your report is ready we send it to you in an email to review and invite you to book a call where you can ask any questions you might have and plan the next steps for your website.

If you’ve signed up for one of our Care Plans, we’ll add your site to our Care Plan software and start monitoring and updating your site.

Want a detailed roadmap to improve your website performance? You can book your website evaluation here.

Photo by Thomas Kinto on Unsplash