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What is a WordPress Care Plan?

Websites are like gardens, you wouldn’t spend ages planning and planting your garden only to not water or maintain it. Yet so many people do that to their websites. Gardens and websites both need regular attention to keep them blooming at their very best. At its core, a website care … Read More

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3 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic

Is your website getting enough visitors? A good traffic generation strategy is at the heart of any successful website – after all, if you don’t have real people visiting your website in sufficient quantities, there isn’t much it can do to support your business. Here are three ways to boost … Read More

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What is organic traffic?

The other day, a customer asked me “Why do I need to worry about SEO, when I can just pay for ads to bring traffic to my website?” Which is a good question. Pay per click (PPC) advertising on Facebook, or Google is fast, effective and can really improve your … Read More

How to build SEO into your design process

When you build SEO into your design process, you can create websites with a strong SEO foundation that will prove to be powerful marketing tools for your clients and help them reach their business goals. Here are some quick tips to help you get started …

Optimise your website images for better SEO

Over the last month, I have had several conversations with clients about the importance of properly optimising their website images. Did you know that your images directly affect your site’s SEO? Its true! Properly optimised images will ensure your site loads faster (and a fast site makes Google happy!) and … Read More