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DO MORE - aspirational desk set up - wish my desk was this tidy

5 Productivity Tools I can’t live without

When it comes to productivity, I’m a big fan of nothing more high tech than a pencil and paper. And without my paper-based planner I’d never get anything done … but that being said, there are a few online tools that I’d struggle to do without! Some of the links … Read More

Managed hosting server cluster illustration

Why you should choose managed WordPress Hosting

Choosing hosting for your WordPress website can feel like an enormous decision for a small business – there are so many companies out there, offering what looks like the same thing, at wildly varying prices. How do you choose? The first step in choosing the best hosting for your business … Read More

How to build SEO into your design process

When you build SEO into your design process, you can create websites with a strong SEO foundation that will prove to be powerful marketing tools for your clients and help them reach their business goals. Here are some quick tips to help you get started …

Welcome mat?

If I owned a real, live, brick and mortar business, I would not be demanding my customers handed over their details before they had a chance to look around … I’d at least let them get in the door first, maybe see what was on the shelves. Selling your stuff … Read More

Optimise your website images for better SEO

Over the last month, I have had several conversations with clients about the importance of properly optimising their website images. Did you know that your images directly affect your site’s SEO? Its true! Properly optimised images will ensure your site loads faster (and a fast site makes Google happy!) and … Read More

Quick wins for your clients

Most clients don’t actually want a website … what they are really after is a solution to their particular business problem – how to get more sales, how to get more leads, how to give more value to clients …

Need some marketing inspiration? Grab a copy of 100 Small Business Marketing Ideas